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Wizard Adventure is back with a free update

Wizard Adventure is back with a free update

Hogwarts Legacy continues from Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. It continues to enjoy great popularity even several months after its original release. The success of the action adventure also contributed to the fact that the direct successor had already become firmly established in the minds of fans – even if the publisher's current considerations to develop more direct service games were causing dissatisfaction. However, players can currently look forward to additional and, above all, free content for Hogwarts Legacy.

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Hogwarts Legacy: These are the contents of the summer update

As announced by Warner Bros., there will be a free Summer DLC on June 6, 2024. It contains the following content:

  • Picture mode
  • Ability to reset talent points
  • The Haunted Hogsmeade Quest
  • Glasses That Live (Harry Glasses)
  • Prisoner of Azkaban uniform and coat
  • Potion Recipe for Felix Felicis
  • Lavender Borealis Broom
  • Mount Onyx Hippogriff