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Withdrawal: Haselov gives up his place on the CDU Executive Committee

Withdrawal: Haselov gives up his place on the CDU Executive Committee

Magdeburg/MZ – Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt Rainer Haselof withdraws from the executive committee of the federal CDU as a voting member. The 70-year-old told the CDU's state executive council on Monday evening that he would no longer run in the new elections in May.

The CDU state leader suggested Sven Schulz as his successor. The state executive council unanimously welcomed this, according to a party press release.

Hasilov can continue to provide advice

Through his office as Prime Minister, Hasilov continues to be a member of the Presidium as a non-voting advisory member. He and Saxony Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer are the only East German members of the 16-member commission around party leader Friedrich Merz.

Schulz was previously an elected resident of the Federal Executive Council, which has a much larger number of people. “The nomination of Sven Schulz strengthens the representation of our state and the East German region in the highest party body,” the press release said. However, Schulz must still be elected. Because the CDU's regional federation in Saxony-Anhalt is relatively small, it sends only 2% of all party congress delegates.

Scholz is a native of the Harz region, lives in Magdeburg and has headed the state Ministry of Economy since 2021. The 44-year-old is considered the most promising candidate to succeed Haselov as Prime Minister.