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With Premium Economy Class: Emirates brings its newest Airbus A380 to Zurich

With Premium Economy Class: Emirates brings its newest Airbus A380 to Zurich

In order to meet the high demand, the golf company will fly temporarily to Zurich again on the Airbus A380 in July. She uses a rare version of her Super Jumbo – the premium economy one.

In the summer, more than a quarter of Emirates’ Airbus A380s will be in the air again. The golf airline will serve 15 destinations with a total of 30 super jumbo: Amman, Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Jeddah, Cairo, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, New York JFK, Paris, Toronto, Washington DC and Vienna.

Another will be added temporarily in July. “The steadily increasing demand due to the relaxed travel restrictions allows us to use our flagship A380 aircraft on our daily Zurich flight on schedule for the holiday,” explains Jörg Muller, President of Switzerland. And there is an exclusive. Emirates will use the Airbus A380 on its flights to Switzerland, which already has the new Premium Economy Class.

So far only in three Airbus A380

The golf airline now owns three of them. Until now, the middle class brought her to London and Paris. Now Zurich is temporarily added. With its January 2021 launch, Emirates was far behind, and other airlines launched premium economy early so they could serve richer customers.

Emirates Premium Economy Class has 56 seats with a pitch of 40 inches or 101 cm, located at the front of the Airbus A380’s lower deck. They are 19.5 inches or 48 inches wide and arranged in 2-4-2.