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With Doppel-Weis in third place

With Doppel-Weis in third place

The third home game – the third win. As in their last public appearance against tabletop leader Arnstadt, the Prussians faced a comically tough opponent.

Once again, the FSV defense kept things closed with great passion and Karsten Weiss made the difference up front with two superb goals…

Markus Fromm reports // Borussia Bad Langensalza

One or two spectators initially had to look at the playing clothes of the two teams to see which color belonged to which team. Mint green versus bright red is rarely seen on German football pitches. Weida’s guests didn’t hide at all at first and wanted to show that they didn’t come in vain. Dustin Schmidt scored his first two shots outside the goal. While the home team only had half a chance to score through a Nando Fernschild cross pass, referee Roland Heilig got more attention on his part than he would have liked. With two early yellow cards, one for each team, he now has a lot more to do than we’re used to. However, this does not harm our eleven. When she was already referring to a goalless result in the first half, Karsten Weiss received the ball in the left corner of the penalty area. He shook his hips three times, and somewhat abruptly, he shot with his left hand. Goalkeeper Haas was already mentally focused on the short corner and couldn’t get his hands on the ball decisively. Wirth’s side could have lifted the ball straight through Franz Weigl, but this time the goalkeeper was cautious. The progress in the break gave our boys more confidence after changing sides.

The home team played very disciplined until the end. Above all, the defense around Zickler and Harnisch in the middle as well as the stinging Hermes and Engel outside continued to interfere, even Weida at one point despaired and got into the mood for verbal attacks. This led to the sacking of Weidas Urban, who made a violent foul on the sidelines shortly after his yellow card for filing a complaint and having to call him daily. By the middle of the second half it could have been 2-0. However, Finger and Wiegel gave good spots in the box. But the offensive efforts made by the Thuringian champions last year were unsuccessful. Goalkeeper Zamar once again showed plenty of dominance and the Weida front team showed jams in contrast to 7:1 the previous week. However, informed spectators were aware that the hosts conceded the equalizer last week by a majority. This should not be repeated. Our team played it smart and in the end a solid piece made the decision. Engel, going forward, forced a free kick in the 16th minute and substitute Reuter faked the shot with the left foot, so that the goalkeeper focused a bit on the other corner. However, Carsten Weiss sensitively kicked the ball with his right foot into the left corner and the encouragement was fantastic.