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<p>Die Cheetahs bejubeln in München einen neuen Landesrekord, der aber nicht zu einer Medaille reicht.</p>

With a national record in fourth place

With a national record in fourth place

At 3:22.12, Cynthia Bolingo, Han Claes, Helena Bonet and Camille Loos set a new Belgian record. The Cheetahs were 1.84 seconds faster than they were at the Tokyo Olympics on August 7 last year (3:23.96).

The Belgians have been going for a medal for a long time. Cynthia Bolingo battled for second, Han Claes dropped to fourth, but Helena Bonet who ran admirably passed everyone else, allowing Camille Laus to go first for the last lap. Laos held this position for the 200m but was no match for the anchors from Holland, Poland and Great Britain. Femke Bol stopped the clock at 3:20.87 for the Netherlands, taking his third gold this week. She has already won the 400m and 400m hurdles in singles. The Poles finished in 3:21.86, and the British finished in 3:21.74.

The Cheetah also finished fourth at the 2018 European Championships in Berlin, at that time with a time of 3:27.69 seconds. (Belga / Leo)