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With a major update, Telegram supports up to 1,000 participants in video calls

With a major update, Telegram supports up to 1,000 participants in video calls

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Telegram has significantly increased the number of potential participants in its video calls: from 30 users previously, a maximum of 1,000 participants can now join a video call. In the future, everyone in the world should be able to participate in a video call – a marketing speech.

cable (affiliate link) has received a major update: more participants can now join a video call. Until now, the upper limit was 30 participants, while the number of participants in voice transmission was already unlimited. With the latest update, up to 1,000 participants can now view a video call in the picture.

At the same time, the resolution of video messages has been increased, and users can now adjust the playback speed of video messages. Screen sharing also comes for individual calls.

This brings the latest update to Telegram

The makers of Telegram noted the following innovations in the comments on the latest update:

Video calling with up to 1000 viewers, screen sharing with audio, video messaging 2.0, fast video playback and more

Group Video Calling 2.0
• Group video calls now support up to 1000 viewers and an unlimited number of pure listeners (audio).

Share screen with audio
• Share your screen in one-to-one video calls (1:1 conversations) and in group video calls.
• Your device’s audio is included in every video call when you share your screen.
• Swipe the screen quickly to select a video source when you want to launch the camera in a video call.

Video Night Photography 2.0
• Enjoy HD video messages in your conversations.
• Click on a video message to expand it.
• Drag to zoom in while recording a video message on the rear camera.
• Keep playing music while recording video messages.

Video playback speed
• Press “⋯” in the media player to select 0.5, 1.5, or twice the playback speed.
• Tap and hold the timestamp of the video in the chat to copy a link for that exact moment.

Improved in-app camera
• Switch to 0.5x or 2x magnification when taking photos or videos, if your device supports it.
• Keep pressing the zoom button to open the zoom wheel in the settings.

and more
• In the Forwarding list, click Select to select multiple recipients.
• Swipe two fingers in the chat list to select multiple chats.
• Activate automatic deletion in your conversations to remove messages after a month (plus a day or a week).
• Easy to draw small details in the media editor. The brush will now get smaller when zoomed in.
• Profile pictures in groups Track messages as you browse chat.

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