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Winter destinations: the Swiss travel again from Geneva to New York

Winter destinations: the Swiss travel again from Geneva to New York

The Swiss airline wants to fly to as many destinations this winter as it did before the pandemic. From Geneva onwards, New York will be a part of it again. But the flight plan is not final yet.

Switzerland plans to travel to a total of 90 destinations from Zurich and Geneva in winter 2021/202. According to Lufthansa subsidiary, that number is up to the winter of 2019 and thus before the start of the pandemic. However, the frequencies are much lower. Capacity will only be about half.

“We have geared our winter trip plan to provide our travelers with the largest possible number of connections and connectivity options as well as a stable and reliable network,” says Tamur Godarzi, Swiss Commercial Director. “Out of a total of 92 aircraft in the Swiss fleet, up to 47 short-haul aircraft as well as four aircraft from charter partner Helvetic Airways will be in use with the winter flight schedule.” Switzerland uses 22 aircraft for long-haul flights.

From Geneva to New York from mid-December

From Geneva, Switzerland will have 26 destinations on offer, 25 of which are in Europe. The most popular destinations include Athens, Lisbon and Porto. There are also destinations that are already served in the summer, such as Madeira, Sharm El Sheikh and Tenerife. The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is new to the program. Switzerland places special emphasis on the winter sports season. For travelers from Great Britain and Scandinavia in particular, the airline thus promises an “extensive flight programme”.

A Swiss Airbus A330 in Geneva. Pictured: Robert Ehrenstein

Swiss also plans to resume long-distance flights to New York JFK on select days from mid-December. “From December 14, Geneva is scheduled to have four weekly flights to the Big Apple,” the company said. The Airbus A330-300 was identified in the reservation system for the nine-hour flight.

81 planned destinations from Zurich

From Zurich, Swiss travelers can choose from 81 destinations, 60 short-haul destinations and 21 long-haul destinations. The most popular destinations for short trips from Zurich include Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, Malaga, Stockholm and various destinations in Eastern Europe such as Kiev and Belgrade.

On the long-distance route, the focus is on the cities of Chicago, Miami, New York, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Johannesburg and Tel Aviv. The winter offer also includes classic summer destinations, which this year will also be offered during the winter season. These include Alicante, Malta, Marseille, Palermo and Thessaloniki. Sarajevo and Tallinn will also continue to fly there in the winter. This also includes the Albanian capital Tirana, which Switzerland acquired from its sister Edelweiss Air in the summer.

There are still pending deletes

However, the Swiss will clean up the itinerary once again. Because the airline publishes the winter flight schedule, which is valid from October 31, 2021 to March 27, 2022, in two steps.

The flight schedule will be published on Wednesday (September 22) until January 16, 2022. “The publication or modification for the period from mid-January to the end of March is planned during the month of October,” explains Suisse, referring to better planning. “The stability adjustment and the publication of the flight plan are also related to the cancellation of flights that were originally planned.”