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Windows 11: Windows Terminal has become the new standard for command lines

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft wants it over the next year Windows Terminal Make it the new standard in Windows 11 for command line commands and scripts. However, in the new operating system, users can also set a standard themselves in addition to the new Windows Terminal and the previously used Windows Console Host.

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The standard terminal is the one that starts by default when you run command line applications and hosts the user interface for that application. Until now, Windows Console Host has always been in charge of how to do it Microsoft in a blog Explain, for example when starting the alias of the CMD or PowerShell command prompt – every time it happened inside the Windows Console Host.

Users can choose the standard station

Windows previously did not plan to replace this host with another, although third-party providers are certainly trying, Microsoft admits. With Windows 11, the operating system will open up a bit, and new developer settings also appear. There, users can now choose their standard terminal from another provider or the new Windows terminal from Microsoft. You can also specify the exact profile and settings with which the device should always start.

Select a standard station in Windows 11

Select a standard station in Windows 11

Standard station settings

Standard station settings

Standard station settings

Standard station settings

Windows Terminal is designed like a browser

Windows Terminal is an open source project in which files on github can participate. Modern Terminal is much more powerful than its predecessor and is designed for command line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL. The most important functions of the device include multiple tabs, as is known from browsers for a better overview, as well as separate areas, support for Unicode and UTF-8 characters, mouse support, GPU-accelerated text rendering as well as user-defined designs, Templates and configurations.

Windows Terminal should become the new standard

In the course of next year, Microsoft wants to make Windows Terminal the new standard in Windows 11 and thus gradually remove Windows Console Host from the operating system. This change should take place incrementally over many builds and episodes, initially in the Windows Insider Program, before being introduced to everyone in Windows 11 via the update.

The latest version 2021 in the dev . channel

Talking about Windows 11 build: Windows Insider is now available Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22523 Available for download at Dev’s Risky Channel. The final version of this year will also be offered for ARM64 PCs this time around. Version 22523 enables snap groups of the new surprise assistant introduced with Windows 11 in the ALT+TAB overview and in the task view for everyone instead of just selected users in the developer channel. With the release, Microsoft is also moving the old settings (Control Panel) in the direction of the new ones. This includes the “Programs and Features” item, which is now linked to displaying installed apps in the new settings. Uninstalling Windows Updates has been moved to the Windows Updates section of the new settings.