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Windows 11 Version 22H2: 'Moment 3' Update Expected May 2023

Windows 11 Version 22H2: ‘Moment 3’ Update Expected May 2023

Just a few days ago we received new information about the so-called Moments feature updates for Windows 11 to get. There are now indications of a target release date for Moment 3.

Because it looks like Microsoft will start updates of the moment every two to three months. Moment 1 was released a few weeks ago and brought changes like explorer tabs. Next up is Moment 2 which is coming in early 2023, most likely in February. The third moment should then be planned by Microsoft for May 2023.

According to WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_ on Twitter), a previously trusted source for Microsoft leaks, the Windows team plans to release the “Moment 3” or “Next Windows Continuous Innovations” update in May 2023. References to “Moment 3” have already been spotted in the latest preview builds. Windows 11 (inform us).

complex modernization scheme

Gone are the days when Microsoft had a simple and easy to understand system for Windows feature updates. What was originally promised as one update per year has turned into a seemingly random but steady stream of new features. With few exceptions, innovations have started every patch day. The bigger changes are then called Moments and are published quarterly as they appear now. However, as of now, there have been no official confirmations from Microsoft about the schedules or even the nature of the updates. Therefore, there is still no information about what new functions “Moment 3” could come with. So we’ll have to wait and see what changes Microsoft will test in the Windows Insider Program in the coming weeks. Even with the start of the original Windows 11 release (21H2), a yearly cycle of functionality updates was planned.

Only later did the decision come to go back three years instead and introduce new features in between with so-called Moments updates.

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