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Windows 11 Upgrade: Solve the installation problem

Windows 11 Upgrade: Solve the installation problem

The Windows 11 Upgrade beta has a known issue with some audio drivers. However, it can be circumvented with a few simple steps.

The basics in brief

  • Windows 11 will be available soon.
  • However, there are currently problems with the installation.
  • This is due to some audio drivers, but the problem can be fixed quite easily.

Already on October 11 must new A Windows 11 upgrade will be available. However, internal beta users are currently still experiencing installation issues. Once you install 61 percent of the upgrade, the process freezes, according to WinFuture.

The reason for this is a known issue – allegedly fixed. audio players Conexant or Synaptics prevent installation. Audio drivers are used to power external audio devices, such as speakers.

However, the problem could be It was simply bypassed : Before installation, you must open the device manager using the search field. All entries marked with Conexant should be found and uninstalled under “Sound, video and game controllers”. After rebooting, the upgrade should install smoothly.

if that windows 11 The upgrade is installed successfully, the driver should be able to download and use again without any problems.

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