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Windows 11 update makes AMD problems worse

Windows 11 update makes AMD problems worse

Windows 11 continues to paralyze with AMD processors.

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Problems with AMD processors and Windows 11 are getting worse, the Department of Defense is spending half a million on digital courses, and Adobe is taking action against Flash imitators. That and more in today’s digital news.

After the launch of Windows 11 last week, there were numerous reports that Microsoft’s new operating system runs noticeably slower on PCs with AMD processors than Windows 10. The two companies involved confirmed the issues and promised a fix this month.

But Windows 11’s first update makes things worse, as ‘Techpowerup’ does. mentioned. The response time, especially the delay in accessing the cache, has increased even more. Meanwhile, AMD has promised that it will indeed fix the update issues on October 19 and 21.

The Ministry of Defense spends half a million on digital courses

The Ministry of Defense has signed a contract worth CHF484,650 with a German company to train 27 employees of the Ministry on “key topics of digitization”, such as “CH Media” mentioned. The contract was awarded without bidding, according to the Defense Department, because no other company was in question.

Facebook isolates employee groups

Facebook restricts access to internal discussion forums such as the “New York Times” mentioned. Groups dealing with the “integrity” of platforms can now only be read by employees who deal directly with the topic and not, as before, by all Facebook employees. With this, the company wants to stem the flow of unfavorable leaks about its own business practices.

Adobe takes action against Flash imitators

Adobe stopped supporting Flash at the beginning of the year and stopped using it again. However, there is still a certified version of Flash available in China for limited purposes. A volunteer project also wanted to make this version available outside of China. But Adobe has canceled this project offline with a copyright claim, as «Torrentfreak» Writes.