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Windows 11 trial gets new features

Windows 11 trial gets new features

Redmond will provide new interiors for Windows 11 by fall. With the current update, there are new features for the start menu.

The basics in brief

  • It has been officially announced since the end of June that Microsoft will introduce Windows 11 this year.
  • The company will provide interiors on an ongoing basis until the fall issue.
  • At the moment, there are security updates and new features for the operating system.

In Redmond, work on the next generation of Windows has been in full swing for some time. Accordingly, there are currently often Innovations in the initial version For insiders. The internal architecture of Windows 11 is currently being enriched with new security features and functionality for end users.

The Start Menu is formed in Windows 11

Probably one of the most eye-catching changes to the operating system is definitely the start menu, which has been given a new look. With the new Insider Build “22000.65”, the company is introducing the search bar in the start menu for simplified search for software and documents.

There is also an improved taskbar display, revised system dialogs, and a feature to fix sound problems with the volume icon. Several bugs have also been fixed, which Insider in the previous version is found.

Even those from Windows 10 Known vulnerability «PrintNightmare» They are closed, so an update is recommended for all Insiders. Interested parties can certainly look forward to more updates until the final release of Windows 11 at the end of the year.

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