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Windows 11: The next performance issue after the AMD disaster

Windows 11: The next performance issue after the AMD disaster

from Maximilian Hohm
AMD processors did not have an easy time in Windows 11 and sometimes lose up to 15% of performance compared to Windows 10. Now the next performance issue in the form of a memory leak is known.

After the launch of Windows 11, it became apparent relatively quickly that the latest operating system from Microsoft was causing some difficulties at first. In addition to the complications in detecting printers, items like the Windows 10 start menu were partially present in the new iteration after the update. However, the most serious problem so far is the performance loss that AMD processors have experienced when using Windows 11. The L3 cache is not used properly and performance measurements have confirmed that latency is sometimes six times that of Windows 10. However , it appears that Microsoft has fixed this problem and published the solution in Preview of version 22000.82. When it will be distributed for the normal Windows 11 operating system is not yet certain, but the next patch Tuesday is expected.

Windows 11: Updates are smaller and should be less annoying

In addition to this AMD-specific issue, there is another bug that affects all Windows 11 PCs this time. Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 no longer has the previous File Explorer, but rather a command bar that varies depending on the selected file or file format. This command bar enables previously known operations and options, but it has a significant deficit. The error can lead to memory leaks, where unnecessary arithmetic operations are performed when users move between different file directories. Using the arrow keys or the move process in particular increases memory consumption.

At this point everything can now be made clear, with version 22478, which has so far been mainly known for its new emoji, this issue is said to have been eliminated. This solution has not yet been included in the final Windows version, but here too, one can assume that the next patch Tuesday will be implemented.

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