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Windows 11: Task Manager Should Be Hotter

Windows 11: Task Manager Should Be Hotter

from bald Julius
Microsoft revealed in the Windows Insider Podcast that Task Manager for Windows 11 should get a new, colorful design. From now on, the application must support the colors of the operating system and thus complement the design of the system.

Hardware and software maker Microsoft has already released its next generation operating system with Windows 11. However, work on it continues and so the Redmond-based company regularly posts updates on development work. As for the Sun Valley 2 update, which is compatible with build number 22H2, there are now early indications of what end customers can expect in the fall. The task manager, which gives users a neat interface to control processes and auto-start applications, will get a new design.

Windows 11: New Design and Functionality of the Task Manager

This is where WinUI 3.0 design components, such as mica effects or fluent acrylic design, will be used. There should also be a dark mode for those who like to use the operating system with less bright parts. In the Windows Insiders Podcast Microsoft is also teasing the idea that Task Manager could be more lively in the future. The app should now also support the operating system’s highlight colors, which were previously applied primarily to the start menu, taskbar, and title bars.

This should allow the task manager to be designed to better fit into the overall picture of Windows 11 and ultimately complement the user experience. The design should be available to beta testers in the coming days. However, further work on it before the official release is not excluded. It is not yet clear when the update will be available to end customers. It is known that there are likely to be other functions of the task manager, such as an overview of the battery and health status of the device.

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