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Windows 11 causes performance loss

Windows 11 causes performance loss

If you have an AMD processor, you should wait for the new Windows update. In some games, there can be a performance loss of up to 15 percent.

The basics in brief

  • Anyone using an AMD processor with Windows 11 should expect difficulties.
  • The chip manufacturer assures that performance losses of up to 15 percent are possible.
  • The company is already working on a solution.

AMD Ryzen processors aren’t perfect yet Compatible with Windows 11. AMD has now confirmed what many testers have already determined: There can be a performance loss of up to 15 percent.

according to chip manufacturer There are particular problems with CPUs that have eight or more cores and power over 65W. Windows 11 then does not know which kernel is the fastest and sometimes chooses the slowest kernel. Most affected are AAA games, where latency and performance can be significantly reduced.

However, AMD and Windows work Already working on a solution. The corresponding update should appear before the end of the month. Until then, the recommendation is: just use Windows 10 for a little longer.

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