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Windows 11 appears in the first inside preview

Windows 11 appears in the first inside preview

From now on, Insiders can officially install the first version of Windows 11. It is still unclear what the system requirements will look like.

The basics in brief

  • Last Thursday, Microsoft introduced the new Windows 11 for the first time.
  • Insider first beta can be installed and tested immediately.
  • It is still not clear what system requirements the operating system will have.

not even A week after the announcement The first preview version of Windows 11 is already available. Who is in the insider program and is reasonably modern the computer Possessed, you can now test this version for yourself. The system requirements for the operating system are still relatively strict.

The first features of Windows 11 are available

In «PCWelt» builder can be installed and tested. Here it quickly becomes clear: Leaky build before release It was a very old version. For example, Settings now have a completely modern and revised look. The instrument panel on the left also works.

Of course, a new start menu and a new file explorer are already available here. On the other hand, some features from Windows 10 like Snipping Tool or Cortana have been completely deleted.

In general, it is still not recommended to install Insider Build on actively used devices. at This early version can Various problems and errors still occur.

Who can install Windows 11?

However, there are still many question marks about the system requirements, which Microsoft for the new operating system. It was originally announced that computers will have at least one device Intel Corporation8th generation processor or AMD Zen 2. These will be PCs of production year 2017 Intel Corporation Or even 2019 at AMD.

Just the other day Microsoft However I was informed that one can get compatibility Intel Corporation7th generation processors and Zen 1 processors. However, this is currently only being tested and not yet confirmed. In numbers, at least a CPU with one GHz and two cores is required. What are the system requirements for the final version in Herbst Will currently apply is still unclear.

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