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Windows 10: Still using this version?  Then there is a need to work

Windows 10: Still using this version? Then there is a need to work

Windows 10

Anyone using Windows 10 should act now as soon as possible. Because support for a very popular version of the operating system will end soon. You must do this now.

Support for the popular Windows 10 version is about to end. (Source: netzwelt)

  • As of May 10, another Windows version will be phased out.
  • Microsoft will soon stop supporting Windows 10 version 20H2.
  • So you should update to the next version or even to Windows 11 by May.

Windows 10 is still in use a lot, even if it is now Windows 11 be. But now there is another one Windows 10 version before the end.

as Microsoft Itself advertises on its website, Windows 10 version 20H2 support is already running May 10 Outside. One AdDuplex Report According to this build, the operating system was still running on more than 30 percent of Windows PCs worldwide as of November 2021.

Change the version

If you are still using the old Windows 10 version, you should update it as soon as possible. You can still use version 20H2 after support ends. However, the Use old Windows versions move it.

With just a few clicks you can get what you want View Windows version. Instead of switching to another and newer Windows 10 version, you can too Go straight to Windows 11.

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