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Wincent Weiss hat mit seinem Album "Vielleicht Irgendwann" Platz 1 der Album-Charts erreicht.

Wincent Weiss: His album “Maybe Irgendwann” is # 1 on the Album Charts

With his album “Maybe sometime” Pop singer Winsent Weiss reached the top of the German album charts for the first time.

“Something Against Silence” and “Somewhat Different” came to third

Previous albums “Irgendwas gegen die Stille” (2017) and “Irgendwie anders” (2019) reached third and second spots, as announced by GfK Entertainment on Friday. The 28-year-old Weiss from Bad Oldslow prevailed against 22 other newcomers.

“The Exchange Concert, Vol. 8”: The artist “Sing My Song” took second place

The artists of “Sing My Song” (“Das Tauschkonzert, Vol. 8”), Old Masters, pursue the following spots on the album charts Van Morrison (“Most Recent Recording Project, Volume 1”), from Rap-Duo Vatuni and Edgar Water (“Delirium”) as well as the British blues and soul singer Rajen Boon Man (“The Life of Misadventure”).

187 Strassenbande, Bonez MC, and Frauenarzt are # 1 on the singles charts

In the solo charts, Nathan Evans (“Wellerman”) had to give up first place to hip-hop team 187 Strassen-Bandy, Bones MC and Frauenars (“Ecstasy”) and is now in second place. The Jamul rapper completed the top three with “Liege back awake”.