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Will there be a “functional miracle” in Switzerland?

There are currently 232,825 vacancies in Switzerland – a record number. A survey by “SonntagsZeitung” shows where new jobs are created.

The basics in brief

  • There were no more vacancies in Switzerland.
  • This number is likely to rise further this year.
  • A survey by “SonntagsZeitung” shows where these jobs are created.

In 2022, Switzerland could witness a “functional miracle”. According to a survey conducted by “SonntagsZeitung”, many large companies want to increase the number of jobs.

A total of 89 companies were interviewed as part of the survey. 20 of them want to increase the number of jobs this year. only four Reducing By and the rest of the companies are expecting one Fixed number of numbers.

Swissport aviation processor wants to hire 850 new workers and will create the most jobs. In Swissport’s history, it will be the largest job creation. They want too swatch group, die SBB and mail New Jobs I write.

Across Switzerland, the number of centers announced is at an all-time high. Single Migros It has more than 1,600 vacancies. There are currently a total of 232,825 vacancies.

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