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Will the spray against Covid come?  - Health

Will the spray against Covid come? – Health

Is there a spray for dangerous Covid 19 diseases soon? However, the University of Vienna is working extensively on this matter. Because in addition to vaccines, medicines must also limit the effects of the Corona pandemic in the future.

Spray against Covid?

A research team led by Moses Khaitov at the NRC Institute of Immunology FBMA in Moscow in collaboration with Rudolf Valenta, Head of the Department of Immunopathology at the Institute of Pathophysiology and Allergy Research in Midouni Vienna is currently working on a potentially dangerous drug. Lung damage in case of Covid-19 disease.

Valenta said: “At the moment, there is only a combination of Regeneron antibodies, and it consists of two antibodies, and the use of blood plasma. The antibodies from the blood of people with Covid-19 support the treatment.” The drug developed has now been tested on an animal model and is at the start of phase II studies.

For the planned drug, the RNA is combined and mixed with the carrier peptide so that the active ingredient can be introduced into the infected cells in a targeted manner and then prevent the virus from replicating. The protection mechanism embedded in the RNA prevents the drug from being broken down again and rendered ineffective. “It is a liquid that can be inhaled like an asthma spray,” explained the researcher from the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology in Midounie Vienna.

Since the half-life is less than 60 minutes, the spray will have to be used several times a day. The results of the study currently presented in the journalEuropean Journal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyIt has been published, allowing the conclusion that the active ingredient prevents severe lung damage and slows down severe courses.

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