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Will the Champions League final be held in the United States soon?

Will the Champions League final be held in the United States soon?

There have been rumors of this from time to time, but now it is clear that UEFA may implement the considerations: the Champions League final will be held at least once in the United States in the coming years.

Like Spanish newspapers Such as It reported that UEFA, as the organizer of the Champions League, and the European Club Association (ECA) (European Club Association) are working on similar plans.

A specific proposal is scheduled to be discussed early next week at the ECA conference in Istanbul. This is where club presidents meet to discuss the future of European football.

It is alleged that several UEFA officials and those in charge of several major clubs, such as the Paris Saint-Germain makers, are in favor of the Champions League final abroad. UEFA and clubs are hoping for greater reach as a result.

From the point of view of officials, there are other good reasons for a first-class final outside Europe, according to reports Such as. On the one hand, UEFA recently sold the TV rights to the Champions League for nearly 1.5 billion euros to the three American media companies CBS, Paramount and Viacom.

In addition, the final match can be used to promote the 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the USA, Mexico and Canada.