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Will Switzerland win against Great Britain?

Swiss national coach Patrick Fischer was unable to meet 100 percent of the requirements. Fischer asked his team to host the show on Thursday and the quarterfinals should be on the agenda first.

For example, the Snow Comrades played against the British against the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia or Russia, somewhat erratically, carelessly or carelessly. This means that Great Britain equalized 2-2 until the 31st minute and it came as a surprise.

However, in the second half of the game, the Swiss thwarted all these hopes. This speaks for itself for the Swiss team, which, even in the days when the final results were not seen as stages, they finally found trouble-free, sovereignty. Chanderi Aladdin clarified things in 13 seconds in the 31st minute with his first World Cup goal (3: 2) and Christoph Percy (4: 2). Percy then also managed 5: 2. Tristan Sherwi received three assists.

After the preliminary round, it is time to take part. This is definitely very positive. Switzerland have won five of seven games and lost only to “terrified opponents” Sweden (0: 7) and Russia (1: 4). The last time in the 2017 World Cup in Paris was five wins in the opening round; At that point, the dismissal against Sweden in the quarterfinals continued. In Stockholm the Swiss only had more wins in team wins than Riga in 2013, winning all seven team games and then reaching the gold medal game (and losing to Sweden).

In the first twelve days of the tournament, the Swiss played in a better power play than all the other teams and scored 3: 2 against the British (followed by three goals 6: 2 in seven minutes). So far, things have gone less with fewer players on the ice. The Swiss are ranked number one in 16 World Cup teams in the lower quarter and should be better off if the dream of a (gold) medal is not exploded.

Statistically, Gregory Hoffman (with 6 goals and 8 points) and 37-year-old Andrews Ambol (who won two-thirds of his face) stand out from the Swiss team.

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