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Will RTL bring Dieter Bohlen back after the flop?

Will RTL bring Dieter Bohlen back after the flop?

After a season without Dieter Bohlen, the RTL channel “Das Supertalent” is paused. Does the station now have the Titans of Pop back on board?

The basics in brief

  • RTL paused “Das Supertalent” after a season without Dieter Bohlen.
  • One wants to think of “critical questions,” according to the announcer.
  • Will the pop giant soon return to the jury chair?

For 15 years, he served on the jury of “Das Supertalent”, 2021 The show without Dieter Bohlen (68)..

It was hoped to breathe new life into the show with new faces – but it didn’t work out! As announced by RTL, Put the show on hold.

After Bohlen was fired in 2021, Das Supertalent was followed by bankruptcies, misfortune and meltdown. actually a star-football table Lukas Podolsky c) Verse (36): He followed his great footsteps. Because auraInfection, can not be present in castings.

Other jurors – designer Michael Michalsky (55) and “Ehrlich Brothers” – were not so with the audience. Stakes fell.

In an announcement, the announcer now wrote that they wanted to take a break Think “critical questions.”. The “photo” is already rumored: will the figurehead Dieter Bohlen be brought back on the plane?

According to the newspaper, this is impossible, because with his poisonous sayings, the former “Modern Talking” star is no longer up to date.

BUT: The relationship between Dieter Bohlen and RTL should be better than it was a few months ago. There were “closer conversations” between them…

Should RTL bring back Dieter Bohlen?

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