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Will Qantas soon fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Sydney and Melbourne?

Jumbo was used to connect Australia to Europe. Stop included. That’s about to change. Photo: Qantas

Australian airline Qantas has been working on its ambitious “Sunrise” project for some time. This means non-stop flights between Australia and many destinations around the world. In an exclusive interview with The Sunday Times, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce revealed more details about the plan. It also includes other planned locations. In addition to surprises like Miami on the US East Coast, non-stop flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Frankfurt are now confirmed.

Oneworld airline Qantas is not entirely new to direct flights between Australia and Europe. On the contrary. While Qantas already connects the continents of Europe and Australia with the Airbus A380 and a stopover in Singapore, it is now possible to fly from Perth to London non-stop. The non-stop flight takes around 17 hours and is serviced by Boeing’s Dreamliner.

Will Qantas soon fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Sydney and Melbourne? | Destinations from Sydney and Melbourne

However, Qantas has been planning part of it for some time Project “Sunrise” Also to connect the most important Australian cities Melbourne and Sydney with London. According to Qanats CEO Joyce, the opening shot has now been fired. He admitted it with him Interview Other non-stop flights worldwide with Sunday Times. European destinations Frankfurt (FRA) and Paris (CDG), Miami (MIA) and Chicago (ORD) are now on Qantas’ schedule.

Scheduled travel destinations from Sydney and Melbourne at a glance:

  • Frankfurt 10,248 miles (from/to SYD) | 10.132 (from/to MEL)
  • Paris 10,527 | 10,410 miles
  • New York 10,248 | 10,374 miles
  • Chicago 9,232 | 9,663 miles
  • Miami 9,336 | 9,691 miles
  • Cape Town 6,842 | 6,416 miles
  • Sao Paulo 8,318 | 8,163 miles

There is already concrete detailed information for the long-scheduled QF1 flights between Sydney and London-Heathrow and the return flight QF2. Accordingly, a flight to London would take off in the evening and cover a distance of 10,978 miles in about 21 hours before landing at Heathrow in the morning. It starts before noon in London. The flight was a little over 20 hours, landing in Sydney the next afternoon.

Qantas Airbus A350-1000. Photo: Qantas

Will Qantas soon fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Sydney and Melbourne? | Airbus A350ULR

At this point it all depends on the flight. Qantas prefers to use the Airbus A350-1000 ultra-long-range aircraft for ultra-long-haul routes, which has prevailed against the Boeing 777-8X. The A350-1000 should use less fuel due to its lighter weight.

It is made of a hard plastic that is thicker than aluminum. This makes the cabin quieter and the air pressure is different than in conventional planes and corresponds to an altitude of 6,000 feet instead of 8,000 feet. The air in the cabin is also advertised as being less dry. One ExperienceI haven’t confirmed with the classic A350 yet.

Qantas First Class on the A350-1000. Image: Qantas

The plan to equip the Airbus A350-1000 in a 4-class configuration sounds crazy. Because in addition to a new first class with six seats and 52 business class suites, which Joyce describes as “similar to Emirates first class”, there’s premium economy and economy class on board. Although the 40-seat Premium Economy Class should still have 40 inches of seat pitch, Economy Class is comfortably cramped.

In lower travel classes, the aircraft will have twelve fewer seats to allow passengers some freedom of movement. The space created this way will provide enough space to do a small practice like yoga.

Will Qantas soon fly non-stop from Frankfurt to Sydney and Melbourne? | Frankfurt Flyer Concept

Qantas has long had Frankfurt on its wish list. On the other hand places like Chicago and Miami are completely new. Meanwhile, plans for the Qantas “Sunrise” project are more concrete. Everything seems to stand or fall with the necessary flight. Currently, Australian has ordered twelve Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. However, these will not join the fleet until 2025 at the earliest. Although the ultra-long-range version has twelve A350s, not all destinations can be served. A few more kangaroos will be hopping around the country before the project is fully implemented.