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Will Natalie come out with the truth in court?

Will Natalie come out with the truth in court?


24. September 2021 – 16:03 hour

Natalie Wants to Get the Truth (EEZ Weekly Preview Part 1)

At Maximilian’s trial, Natalie’s testimony counts. She finally wanted to get the whole truth out and say what It already happened at that time Thus relieved Maximilian. But before she could testify, the court threw her a wrench in the works.

The video above shows the first part of the weekly EEZ preview with Sylvain-Pierre Lerich (playing) Richard Steenkamp. The second part is available here:

Because of Finn: Mallu freaks out (EEZ Weekly Preview Part 2)

When Mallo learns that Ben and Denise have erected an altar to Finland, she is horrified and accuses them of being their friend. After the plane crash in Angola I already gave up. When she escapes, completely perturbed, she comes into misfortune…

Kiara receives hate mail (EEZ Weekly Preview Part 3)

Marie confronts Chiara with the fact that Chiara is being attacked with evil online. But that’s not all: An unknown person left a smear with a hate letter in the locker room.

This will happen on Friday 24th September 2021 at AWZ

Preview of Episode 3780 of the Exclusive Economic Zone from 9/24/21: The plane bound for Angola, where the Finn was sitting, crashes. Jupiter learned that five of the six inmates had been found dead. He must go to Angola to see if his brother is the survivor. Only Jenny Steenkamp knows this and the buyer asks her not to tell Mallu anything.

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