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Will Max Kroos pave his way in Wolfsburg for a move to the United States?

Will Max Kroos pave his way in Wolfsburg for a move to the United States?

I’m not currently happy at VfL Wolfsburg: former FA star Max Kruse. dpa / swain gatekeeper

The discussion was there even before Niko Kovac began his service at VFL Wolfsburg. He and Max Cross – Can it really go well? Meanwhile, Frogs sees it confirming that the eccentric star and former Bayern coach do not get along.

Clemens Fritz, head of Bremen’s football and scouting team, assumes that the relationship between Kovac and Kroos will lead to a separation. He thinks the VfL coaching staff is “tightening the reins” — and that Kruse, known as the free spirit, may have his problems with it: “He needs his long bond,” Fritz said on the soccer talk show “Sky90” on Sunday.

Under Kovac’s leadership, Cruz lost his usual spot

Under the new Wolfsburg coach, Cruz, who switched only last winter from 1. FC Union to Lower Saxony for a fee of five million euros, has lost his usual spot for the time being. The 34-year-old was only on the bench in the first half of the 2-0 defeat to defending champions Bayern Munich on Sunday.

At the time, Cruz rattled Irons officials for months by demanding that he move to the United States, where his son Lauro Maxim lives, with as little relocation as possible. But the Köpenickers didn’t want to let the top player go mid-series for free. Then Lower Saxony appeared on the scene in January. And Kross became a wolf – including discord upon departure. Because he could collect more coal. And Florian Kohfeldt was a coach there.

What is Max Cross doing now?

This is the history of Wolfsburg now. To the dismay of the 34-year-old, who recently has not looked really fit. For Cross, it begs the question of how to proceed. A gambler as such, he can “enter everyone”. Meaning: It cancels the contract in exchange for huge severance payments and then goes for free at the beginning of the year, but for a nice fee across the pond. Will VfL Chiefs play along?

Fritz himself considers that a change of Kruse is possible. “Thanks to his quality, Max has the right to play.” The role of the bench officer would be against his nature. Fritz has ruled out a return to Bremen, where Cruz played with great success early in his career and then again from 2016 to 2019: “We can put his efficiency to good use, but we are also limited economically.”

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