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Will Ivanka Trump testify soon against her father, Donald Trump?

Will Ivanka Trump testify soon against her father, Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s CFO accused of tax fraud. Ivanka Trump is also on her neck. Will she stab her dad in the back soon?

The basics in brief

  • Allen Wesselberg, Trump’s chief financial officer, is accused of tax evasion.
  • Ivanka Trump is said to have used the same tax tricks.
  • Will she stab her father in the back to save her skin?

Will there soon be a family quarrel in the Trump family? The former President of the United States, Donald Trump (75), is Water up to the neck.

Financial Director Seiner “The Trump Organization”The New York City Attorney General’s office indicted Allen Weisselberg, 73. He is accused of systematic tax evasion.

According to the media, Weisselberg would have come out a bit if he testified against Trump. Until now, however, the family’s longtime friend was fiercely silent.

Ivanka Trump is a suspect too

Weiselberg isn’t the only person investigators are watching closely. Also Finance Examined former “first daughter” Ivanka Trump (39 years old). The former plaintiff, Cynthia Alexen, is suspicious of this, telling MSNBC.

Ivanka worked for her father’s company for years while she was running her own business. During his presidency she worked as a consultant in the White House. She is believed to have used the same tax tricks as Allen Weisselberg.

Financial Director He is said to have received additional benefits such as company cars and school fees for his grandchildren that were not taxed.

Cynthia Alexsen: “I will look now [Trumps] Focus on children. There are reports of Ivanka’s consulting fees and other things she should or shouldn’t have done.”

‘She has a lot to lose’

Mary Trump, 56, the niece of Donald Trump, believes Ivanka Trump can now change her mind. She says on The New Abnormal podcast: “I think she has more to lose [als Allen Weisselberg]It also depends on their behaviour. This is her husband’s family Jared Kushner Very wealthy. A charge could also threaten her husband’s family assets.

It’s always been whispered that Ivanka’s relationship with her the father cooled down. Will the 39-year-old stab her father in the back soon?

Will you testify against a family member?

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