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Will he now lose Prince William? Inside the palace speaks of threats

Flare between Charles and William over Harry

Soon, the royal family could completely collapse! Because after Prince Harry only from King Charles III. & Co. turned away, Prince William is now at odds with his father. Reason: Charles once again shakes hands with Harry and Duchess Meghan in order to reconcile, in fact he wants to invite the two to London for his coronation in May. Insider Hove reports:

He feels her absence will attract more attention than her presence, and he is willing to compromise.

For example, the Sussex family should have a place of honor at the church ceremony and not sit in the back rows. But William doesn’t like that at all!

He panickedThat his father wants to welcome them back. After all that he was and what they have done to the Royal Family, he cannot forgive Harry and Meghan and does not want to spend a minute with them,

According to the palace expert. In addition, William believed that everything revolved around his brother and sister-in-law and that no one would be interested in Charles’ coronation.