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Will Aarau get the three points in Schaffhausen?

Will Aarau get the three points in Schaffhausen?

Match Report

Next embarrassment plus: After being sent off for Schaffhausen, Aarau lost 0-2

An attackingly questionable FC Arau is slipping to its fifth defeat of the season at Monochtadt. After a renewed utter failure due to overstaffing, there is no longer any talk of serendipity.

For the second time this season, Aarau loses a match in which he conceded two goals despite outnumbering him.

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For 38 minutes it was a stressful kick in Schaffhausen, and for 38 minutes the only thing worth noting was the defensive switch from 4 to 3 by FCA coach Stefan Keller. But then comes the color: red by Axel Muller from Schaffhausen. His mistake as a defender at the rear leads to a justified and harsh ruling by referee Stubli, who decides the penalty limit, even though Arao Almeida would not have reached the ball had it not been for his foul. Element: Suddenly everything is talking about the guests. But wasn’t there what?

Schaffhausen’s Axel Müller was sent off after 38 minutes.

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In keeping with the bleak atmosphere in the stadium, the evil spirits returned on August 27: at that time the match between FCA and Vaduz was 1:1 when a Liechtenstein player flew off the field and people thought Arau could go on to win. Five minutes later, Vaduz led 3-1 – the final score at the same time.

The majority of FCA is shockingly harmless

It takes in Schaffhausen seven minutes for FC Aarau to be cheated again in the majority. First, Simon Enzler can avert disaster against Besselmey before the FCA goalkeeper has no chance after the next corner and Muller’s header. The referee then asks the teams to take a break between halves – along with the question: Are the people of Arao preparing themselves in the dressing room for the counterattack? 45 minutes longer with a single player against Schaffhausen Limited Play – that should be enough for a turnaround.

It didn’t take long after the reboot to answer — and that’s realistic from the FCA’s point of view: Even in the majority, the guests act eerily harmless in front gears. MORE: While Schaffhausen eagerly defend their lead, Aarau’s players have no clue as to this position. Sometimes they seem arrogant, with no will for unconditional struggle, no increase in tempo, nothing.

Aarau cannot respond to the 0-2 deficit.

Aarau cannot respond to the 0-2 deficit.

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Definitely – Kevin Spadanuda’s (suspended) failure weighs heavily, and his top scorer can’t be replaced with a one-on-one FCA. But what the representatives of Spadanoda offered remains in question: midfielder Mikael Almeida is not visible regardless of the scene that led to the dismissal. Rodani, who was praised, did not succeed in 10th place. His wings and his dribbling lead nowhere. And Schneider shows he’s a good technician, but mostly radiates pup danger into the penalty area.

In addition to a great desire to act, it does not take much skill on the part of the Schaffhausen family to break the waves of attacks in Aarau. On the contrary: they, for their part, find space to prepare, and with a handful of developments, they are much more dangerous than superior and constantly attacking guests. Thus, Schaffhausen got the score 2-0 through Rodriguez after 68 minutes, and the goal was preceded by a shot from the post by Gonzalez.


Schaffhausen – Aarau 2:0 (1:0)

wefox yard. – 700 spectators. – SR: Stapley. – Goals: 45. S. Muller 1-0. 68 Rodriguez 2-0.

Schaffhausen: Ruberto; Krasnicki, S.; Muller, Padula, Lika; Hamdio. Beslemy (83. Fahr), Rodriguez (74. del Toro), A. Muller; Ardaiz (46. Gonzalez), Prtajin (90. Kalem).

Arao: Insler; Geiger, Thaler (53. Avdeli), Bergsma, Konos; Jackel, Poniako; Balage, Schneider (63. Arator), Rodani; Almeida.

Comments: Schaffhausen without Mausch, Menezes (both injured), Bagrami, Sahitag, Talic, Vukasinovic and Wyke (none of them in the squad). Arao without Spadanoda (suspended), Gashi, Colaco, Thyson (all injured) and Senyurt (not included). Warning: 85. Almeida (Foul play). – Ejection: 38. A. Muller (Emergency brake).

For the second time this season, Arau received a two-goal increase. Embarrassing for someone who aspires to be promoted. Talking about coincidence would be wrong; The problem is probably in the minds of the players. Do you feel too safe for your opponent after you’ve been kicked out? Do you think Three Points is more likely to be a surefire hit with a guy?

Stefan Keeler was introduced after his team's poor performance.

Stefan Keeler was introduced after his team’s poor performance.

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Unnecessary defeat and neglect is the most serious because everything went well for Aarau in other places: Winterthur loses at Everdun, Thun in Lausanne. With his victory, Aarao would have jumped to second place – and now they are closer to the ninth place than the leader’s throne.

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