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Wild boars attack Shakira and steal the bag!

Wild boars attack Shakira and steal the bag!

Latin star Shakira was attacked by animals. She shares the shocking moment with her fans on Instagram.

The basics in brief

  • Colombian hot-blooded Shakira lives with Gerard Pique in Barcelona.
  • While walking, the singer was attacked by wild boars.
  • The animals stole her purse and cell phone.

What a crazy day for star Shakira (44). While out for a walk in a park in central Barcelona, ​​the singer was attacked by several wild boars on Wednesday!

Described by the wife of football lover Gerard Pique (34 years old) Instagram– Animal attack story: “They attacked me in the garden and ran away with my cell phone and my bag.”

I’m sorry what

Shakira is attacked by wild boars. – Instagram (via RAC1 / Youtube)

Shakira defends himself against animal attacks

But the “Waka, Waka” singer successfully resisted. “Eventually they left the bag behind,” Shakira says, displaying the broken accessory. The 8-year-old son of Milan participated in the attack.

« Milan, tell the truth like your truth Mother facing wild boars.

But that seems to have nothing to add to Shaq’s story. After all, she Mother His son is apparently safe.

Do you like Shakira’s music?

Wild boar attacks are common in the Catalan capital. A man was attacked and bitten recently in Barcelona.

Gamekeeper Tony Galliano was quoted by RAC1 from a professional hunter’s magazine. “Animals are very smart and when they see a person carrying a bag, they think there is food,” he said at the time.

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