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Wife Silvia wears the same pants now!

Wife Silvia wears the same pants now!

Rainer Callmond, 72, underwent two surgeries and lost nearly 80kg. This makes him look “a completely different person” than his wife, Sylvia.

The basics are in brief

  • Rainer Calmond (72) lost about 80 kilos. He underwent two operations.
  • This was unusual for his daughter and wife at first.

Rainer Callmond (72) met in 2020 stomach reduction exposure. Since then he has lost a lot: his weight has dropped from around 170 kilograms to less than 100 kilograms.

Then he registered in May 2021 excess skin Remove it. He had to stay a few days in the hospital for observation. Former Director of Bayer Leverkusen But at home.

Felt like “reborn”

Rainer Callmond, nicknamed “Kali” all around, is happy with his weight loss over the past year. “I almost divided myself in half, what more do you want?” rhetorically asks”RTL». When his ‘fat apron’ disappeared, he felt ‘reborn’.

It was a new feeling for his daughter Nisha too the father Too little to see. “At first, it was new to her that her head and stomach are now smaller,” Kali explains. Now she is very satisfied with it. Also his wife silvia He’s really happy about the slimmer Rainer.

His wife, Sylvia, is “totally unfamiliar.”

She explains in an interview withRTL“This is not unusual at all. Especially from the side, it’s a completely different picture, in fact a completely different person.” Meanwhile, Sylvia and her husband were matching his old pants.

What do you think of Rainer Calmond’s weight loss?

He explains that the scale now shows only 90.7 kilograms for the former football manager. Thus, he lost about 80 kilograms, but this is enough. It’s over,” says Nicholas, 72.

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