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Why Pirelli recommends the soft C5 tire for Australia

Why Pirelli recommends the soft C5 tire for Australia

( – Pirelli has recommended the C5 compound for Melbourne for the first time this season, opting for the softest option of all tires for the race weekend. In addition to the C5, the C4 already selected at Jeddah and the C3 that competes in basically every race will also be used at Albert Park.

Smooth Tires will open in Melbourne in 2024

This choice is softer than 2023 when compounds C2 to C4 were chosen.

According to Pirelli, the decision was made after an analysis of last year's race. At that time, C2 was the best choice for most drivers: ten drivers had the hard tire for 47 of the 58 laps, and three drivers even drove more than 50 laps.

To bring a little more difference in this regard, Pirelli has decided on the C5 in 2024. However, this is not the first time a softer compound has been used in Melbourne: in 2022 Pirelli opted for C5, but along with C3 and C2, omitted C4.

However, in the race, Alexander Alban (Williams) was the only driver to drive soft, and he made his only pit stop on the final lap after just one lap. All the other drivers had only made one pit stop.

It remains to be seen whether soft selection will provide more strategic variety. However, teams and drivers can expect a leap into the unknown, as the C5 tire is less known to everyone.

Because it is not recommended in Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, and only 140 kilometers were completed on this tire during pre-season testing.

Only Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) made a real long run through it, while the Williams drivers mainly drove on the inside. Otherwise, only Ferrari and Sauber had recommended soft tires for the test, but the rough track was not suitable for the C5 tires.

The track at Albert Park is generally gentle on the tyres: abrasion is a bigger factor than wear when it comes to tyres. And thanks to an extensive support program with Formula 2, Formula 3, Porsche Carrera Cup and Australian Supercars, enough rubber is kept on track to maximize grip.