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"Why isn't this us?"  Trump wanted to swap Greenland for Puerto Rico.

“Why isn’t this us?” Trump wanted to swap Greenland for Puerto Rico.

Trump may also have hidden secret documents about other countries’ nuclear weapons

According to a press report, the US Federal Police also confiscated a classified document containing information about another country’s nuclear weapons while searching for the property of former President Donald Trump. like the Washington Post


In 2019, Donald Trump surprised the world with the idea that the United States could take Greenland from Denmark. Now it’s public that he wants to trade the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in exchange for it.

August 2019. Donald Trump speaks to reporters about Greenland. “It’s just something we talked about,” explained The then President of the United States. “In principle, it belongs to Denmark. We have a good relationship with Denmark. We protect Denmark because we protect large parts of the world. Then the concept came.”

The word Trump “understandably” means the idea of ​​US control of Greenland. “Strategically speaking, it is very interesting and we will be interested in it. But we will be with you [erst mal] Speak a little. He’s not number one on the agenda, I can tell you that.”

Denmark’s prime minister called the proposal “ridiculous” at the time, while the regional government described it countersOf course, Greenland is not for sale. But if you want to believe what was revealed in a new book about the president’s 45th term in office, it wasn’t a sale at the time: Trump planned an exchange with Puerto Rico.

“We’ll Be Interested”: Donald J. Trump on August 26, 2019 at the G7 Summit in Biarritz.

Environmental Protection Agency

It wasn’t political advisors who gave him the idea, but the heir to cosmetic giant Estée Lauder. Trump and Ronald S Lauder have known each other since college, writes “The New York Times”. The president told his advisers, “A friend of mine, a very, very successful businessman, thinks we can have Greenland. What do you mean?”

Then a team is formed to explore options in the case. At least that’s what authors BB and Susan Glasser claim in their book “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021,” which will be published on September 20.

Staff in the Cabinet and the White House are said to have been only moderately influenced by the Greenland idea. On the other hand, Trump is said to be selling everything as his own flash of inspiration. The former president recalls in an interview with the writers: “I said, why doesn’t this belong to us?” ‘Look at the map. I am a real estate businessman. It’s no different.”

Greenland melt

While Europe experienced record summer temperatures, parts of the Greenland ice sheet experienced their own ‘mini-heat wave’. According to NASA, this melting is currently the main factor causing the world’s oceans to swell, with the Arctic region warming three times faster than the rest of the planet.


You just have to look at the size of Greenland, Trump said. “You should be part of the United States.” But in fact, he put a flea loader in the chief’s ear. However, security advisor John Bolton put his assistant Fiona Hill on the matter, even though he had considered the progress hopeless. Then Hill’s team secretly meets the Danish ambassador.

Trump is even suggesting money for Puerto Rico to buy Greenland. Elsewhere, he even suggests swapping Greenland for Puerto Rico, where Republicans aren’t particularly popular. The new revelation should not change anything – on the contrary.