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Why is Australia in the ESC?

Why is Australia in the ESC?

Shelton Riley will represent Australia at ESC 2022. Photo: IMAGO // Jessica Gow / TT

Down Under is undoubtedly the most attractive among the Eurovision Song Contestants, all of them from Europe. How did the participation come about?

Eurovision Song Contest – Initially looks like participants from Europe. However, since 2015, Australia has also been involved. But really why?

Short answer: Australians like ESC. Since it first aired on Australian television in 1983, the competition has far higher ratings than some European participating countries.

Long way to go

Australia took small steps on the way to participation. First, in 2013, the Australians sent a greeting to the European audience, which made them aware of the Australians’ attraction to the ESC in this country. The following year, Australian singer Jessica Moubai was allowed to perform outside the competition in the final. In 2015, the time finally came and Australia officially participated in the ESC for the first time.

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Since then, the Australians have been an integral part of the tournament – already celebrating modest victories. They have already been in the top ten four times. In 2016, singer Tommy Im took second place with “Sound of Silence”. This year, Shelton Riley will represent Australia in Turin with the song “Not the Same”.