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Why did Princess Victoria suddenly interrupt her vacation?

Why did Princess Victoria suddenly interrupt her vacation?

Princess Victoria just celebrated her birthday.Photo: IMAGO/PPE

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Emky Gerets

A few days ago, Victoria turned 46 years old. On this occasion, the country’s heir apparent was celebrated. For the Swedes, there is a week-long concert series “Solliden Sessions”. The royals made their way to the island of Öland for Victoria Day to enjoy a Victorian party at the ruins of Borgholm Castle.

In fact, Victoria should also be enjoying the summer there with her family, but suddenly a picture of her appears showing her on a date in Stockholm. Confusion soon arose as to why Victoria had interrupted her stay on the island.

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Victoria had to cut short her summer vacation

Like the Swedish newspaperSvensk DamtedningNow Victoria has reportedly had to cut short her vacation and return to Stockholm, and so on Monday the court released a photo of the Crown Prince and King Carl Gustaf posing during a Foreign Affairs Committee meeting in Stockholm’s lap. The newspaper indicated that this date was not entered into the royal calendar.

Really there won’t be anything until August. The government sets the date of the meeting itself. So it was probably inevitable that Victoria would have to interrupt her summer vacation for this. Her husband, Prince Daniel, recently said that the island is always “incredibly beautiful” and this is where Victoria’s family comes together. “I’m looking forward to good company and nice days. I like Oland a lot too and he’s fun,” he said.

The court finally confirmed to “Svenske Damtdning” that the crown prince had returned to Öland after the telegraph appointment. And also: “The committee convened to discuss important foreign policy issues and issues affecting Sweden.” It remains unclear whether King Carl Gustav also left Stockholm.