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Why Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Why Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest?

When the Eurovision Song Contest first aired in Australia since ABBA’s victory in Great Britain in 1974, Australians were ESC-crazy. Australia has been allowed to participate in the ESC since 2015. What is it about.

Australia and ESC: The least questionable link about geographical distance. No place on earth is farther away from Europe than the Fifth Continent. But in principle, the Eurovision song contest is about a concert and has no place on the world map. Apart from Australia, some non-European countries in the Mediterranean have already competed in the Eurovision Song Contest. This year, among others, Israel with Michael Ben David (“IM”) and Nader Rustamli (“Fade To Black”) are in Azerbaijan early.

But while both countries have long been allowed to participate in the ESC, Australia received the honor only in 2015. At the request of Australian fans who had been rooting for the show since 1974, when Olivia Newton-John defeated the ESC in Great Britain by “Long Live Love”, Australia was initially allowed to compete once for the ESC’s 60th anniversary. . Since then, Australia has been an official member of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), and therefore has the right to participate in every ESC. In the first show, Australia’s representative Guy Sebastian (“Tonight”) finished fifth. When he participated for the second time in 2016, it again topped the list: Tommy scored a strong 511 points with his song “Sound of Silence” and was defeated only by the Ukrainian Jamala (“1944”).

But Australia was also able to come up with Trump with the other four participants. Ranked 9th in 2017 and 2019, adding 20th in 2020 alone was disappointing. Whether this year’s participant Shelton Riley will be allowed to make the finals will be decided in the second semifinal of ESC 2022 on May 12.