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Who Will Be a Millionaire: The priest is gambling a lot of money with Gunter Gauch

A relatively simple math question brings Pfarrer nearly € 32,000

On a Monday in Gunther Josh, a Catholic priest was on the hot seat. This was often dependent on his friend upstairs. In other words: a bet on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Largely by questions.

Martin Volle – Pastor – worked on first questions up to 500 questions euro Still completely sovereign. Then, without much thought, Vole decided to get an answer that fit him perfectly. He even managed to reach a € 32,000 question before the question first ran out.

Martin Voll with Gunter Gauch Photo: RTL

How far would you get this way? Try it here:

In fact, Voll almost decided to answer “d” to the math problem at first, as he kindly said to Gauch, “I like to get over things like this.” But this would raise some suspicions. The supervisor asks, “Why don’t you just do the math?” But Bean doesn’t feel the urge to do so. It prefers to allow someone from the audience to perform the math operations.

Then this correctly shows that there are 10,000 possible combinations. One set per second lasts approximately 170 minutes. Fohl also doesn’t like to check and decides to trust the stranger – and he’s doing exactly the right thing.

But then this question appeared on the screen for 64 thousand euros:

There is a company under each of the four names. But which one is run by a 31-year-old from the founding family? A foal is spontaneously tipped over to Rossman, but he uses the clown’s phone. When the latter can’t help either, Fohl decides to cancel the test: “I bet a little bit already,” the pastor said.

The song “Bit” may be to say the least, but the priest still took home the whopping € 32,000 for his home. He wants to donate a portion of it, but he must also include vacation. By the way, the correct answer was “Fielmann.” The optics company is headed by young Mark Felman. (Liu)

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