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Who Will Be a Millionaire: A hideous sports question that ends the rally driver’s race

Who Will Be a Millionaire: A hideous sports question that ends the rally driver’s race

This rally driver plays up to € 64,000 – then comes this obnoxious sporting question

On Monday, a very versatile candidate took a seat across from Gunter Gauch. Communications coach Lars Grabovsky from Bochum is also a rally driver and wants to buy a new rally car with the money he earned.

When asked about his “Harry Potter appearance” by Gauche, Grabowski dismisses it as a coincidence, but without further ado pulls a “Prussian monogamous” from his pocket. What experts contact with them.

Lars Grabowski with Gunter Gauch. Photo: RTL

It also becomes clear early on that the candidate is a player. He chooses the type of risk and likes to instinctively decide the answer. How far you will get try it here:

In the € 64,000 question of what Godet looked like, Grabowski squandered two clowns. First he asks a woman from the audience. Although she taps the wedding dresses right, she is “not quite sure.” The candidate then contacts the bookseller they trust and confirms the suspicion.

Without the Joker, Grabowski now has to answer this disgusting math question for 125,000 euro put:

Now the candidate is doubly upset about losing the clown’s phone: “I really wanted to memorize it for the sport question.” Gunter Gauch smiled maliciously.

Günther Jauch knows: That’s a really obnoxious math question. Photo: RTL

Now the risk is too great for the candidate to take home € 64,000. He wants to buy a 30-year-old jeep for his next rally. The correct answer was: America’s Cup. Because at the first event in 1851, a schooner named America won. (Liu)

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