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“Who knows that?”  Beatrice Egli faces the ‘horror’ of quiz show.

“Who knows that?” Beatrice Egli faces the ‘horror’ of quiz show.

Beatrice Egli fronted the ARD test program “Who knows such a thing?” – and experienced bitter defeat. Schwyzerin had to fit in a few questions.

Singer Beatrice Egli probably won’t soon forget this second day of Christmas. Instead of relaxing comfortably with her family, Beatrice Egli appeared on the ARD advice show “Who Knows Anything XXL?” In – Special Edition Featuring Celebrities. The show was also live and got more airplay.

Comedian Bernard Hooker and TV singer Elton have competed against each other in several rounds – with another celebrity on their side to boost them up. Among them are Frank Blasberg (“Tough But Fair”), actor Frederick Lau (“4 Blocks”) and Beatrice Eagle.

Beatrice Egli started to sweat. Among other things, I was asked about the abbreviation LKA (State Criminal Police Office) or what the free German states are. All questions related to Germany for a Swiss candidate. The woman from Schwyz also felt hurt and retorted: “The thing is with the federal states…we have cantons with us. That is to say,” she writes.

She was also asked about the first name of the butler in “Dinner for One” and about the boxing star who was behind the real name Cassius Clay.

Beatriz Egli contests against Carmen Niebel

Beatrice Egli had to pass, upset entering the Q&A round, she beat competitor Carmen Nibel: “I didn’t want to get up here at all, that’s the horror,” said Beatrice Egli.

The final duel in “Who Knows Anything XXL?” In the end, actor Edin Hasanovich (“Nothing New in the West”), who competed against TV legend Elton, decided on his own.