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White whale carcass in Australia: “Not the famous Mikaloo”

A carcass washed up on Australia’s beach does not belong to the famous white whale, Mikalo. The animal may have died in the sea and bleached there.

The essentials in a nutshell

  • White whale carcass found in Australia
  • It’s a female, the well-known Mikalo male.
  • Marine biologists will continue to examine the carcass.

Relief for animal lovers in Australia: A wash up on the coast of the state of Victoria White whale carcass It is not the world famous Mikaloo. The marine mammal found off remote Mallacoota Beach is a female, and the albino humpback whale Mikaloo is a male, marine biologists confirmed to Australian television. In the native language, the name means “white friend”.

Born probably in 1986, Mikaloo was first seen in 1991. Then he regularly dives from Antarctica on his way to the breeding ground Great Barrier Reef Up and excited eyewitnesses.

Keep the animal in front of you A large crowd of spectators To protect, the Government Queensland placed the whale under their special protection. However, after losing his tracking chip, Mikalu has been missing for two years.

Purely white specimens are extremely rare. About A few albino whales have been documented so far. It is not yet clear whether the washed woman is one of them. Macquarie University wildlife biologist Vanessa Pirotta is skeptical. He told broadcaster 9 News that the animal had probably died at sea and its body had faded over time. Barnacles were seen on the neck absorbed in the dark skin. Experts should further examine the corpse.

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