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When will he return to the field? The doctor gives the information

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to: Philip Kessler

For Manuel Neuer, the season has come to an end since he broke his lower leg. Instead of soccer, rehab is now on the agenda – insight from a doctor.

Munich – The Christmas mood has settled Manuel Neuer (36) Apparently not spoiled. The Bayern Munich goalkeeper greeted his fans on crutches on December 24 with a picture in front of a Christmas tree. In return, he received many good wishes. About two weeks ago, Neuer fractured his tibia and fibula on a ski tour. season. the tz He spoke to Berlin sports doctor Thorsten Dolla (59) about Neuer’s return route.

After Manuel Neuer broke his leg: this is how broken legs are rehabilitated

“If such an injury occurs, osteogenesis is usually performed. In this case, bone fragments are fixed with screws and intramedullary screws. The first goal is to strengthen the bones again. Explains the expert, who has been the stadium doctor in DFB Cup finals and international matches At the Berlin Olympic Stadium since 2002, “you can also swim and ride a bike early on.”

An intramedullary nail can lead to premature bone stress. Dola: “Thanks to the fixation, you can contact the ground earlier, and when you lower your leg, you can use crutches to carry a load of about ten kilograms. This allows the patient to move at an early stage.” The screws can be removed about eight weeks after the operation. People talk about fracture activation. After that, the injured bone can be overloaded again. “It takes about eight to twelve weeks before you can walk normally again after a procedure like Neuer.”

The road back to the field is long: Manuel Neuer is working hard for his comeback. © Tom Weller / dpa / Instagram / @manuelneuer

Bayern Munich: Will Neuer be fully operational again?

when Manuel Neuer Specially trained for soccer again? “It depends not only on the bones, but also on the mental state of the athlete,” says Dolla. “It’s not a robot that can jump backwards. With the marrow nail in the bone, it can bear full weight again after about three months. It’s important that it doesn’t push itself in.”

direct After Noir’s leg was broken, there was speculation as to whether he could regain his old strength. “If the rehabilitation process goes without complications, you don’t have to worry about your career ending prematurely. From a medical point of view, we usually feel optimistic about such an injury, and there are very few complications,” Dula assures. (s)