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When the place floats away |

When the place floats away |

Whenever heavy rain falls from the sky in Charding, the entire city trembles due to rising river levels and floods. Nerves are particularly frayed at SK Football Club, which has to deal with a completely flooded sports stadium time and time again – including last week. “He learns to stay in the country, he is fast in this art routine” Betonte der Obmann of the Landesliga-West-Clubs, Reinhard Wagner, there is a German fluid pool with the Klub-Kollegen as soon as possible with a better job he.

“In addition to the mud, the problem is the abundance of earthworms. If the water recedes, they remain on the grass and dry,” the official explained, adding, “After that, we always need a gardener with a special suction device to cultivate it.” “The area can be at least partially cleaned again.” Of course this costs money too. Ultimately: the current flood is easy compared to the flood of the century in 2013. At that time the club buildings were completely destroyed. The clubhouse was then completely redesigned, raised and placed on concrete piles. “The costs at that time amounted to about half a million euros,” Wagner recalls.

Gmundin Tahir

It’s a good thing his team played away at the weekend – a home game probably wouldn’t have been possible. There was nothing to gain from the 3-1 defeat in Beatenbach.

Just as with Gmunden’s previous opponents: Christoph Brummeyer’s side also won the fifth match with a 4-0 win over Monderving and leads the West without dropping any points.


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