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When can you expect Android 14 on your Galaxy smartphone

When can you expect Android 14 on your Galaxy smartphone

In this article, we recap for you when owners of different Samsung Galaxy models can expect to update to Android 14.

Android 14 beta 3 is now available and the operating system is about to be released. Samsung will use Android 14 as the basis for the upcoming One UI 6.0 update and then make it available for its devices.

UI 6.0 could be released by the end of the year, “SamMobile” suspects. While Samsung hasn’t made any official announcement about One UI 6.0 availability yet, last year’s One UI 5.0 timeline hints at how things might play out in 2023.

Android 14 for Samsung Galaxy devices: This is what the timeline might look like

Android 14 will be available for Galaxy device soon.

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First things first, Samsung could announce a One UI 6.0 beta program and release it in August or September. Owners of the flagship Galaxy S23 series will likely be the first to receive an invite to the beta, SamMobile suspects.

While the company is working on One UI 6.0 for the S23 series, Samsung could add more devices to the beta, including foldable smartphones, the Galaxy S22 series and possibly even the Galaxy A53, SamMobile also suspects.

The first public update to Android 14 for the flagship Galaxy S23 series may be released in October 2023. The Galaxy S22 may receive the One UI 6.0 public update in November, and other devices that participated in the Android 14 beta program could receive the update before the end of the year.

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