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When Armin Laschet meets Elon Musk, the Internet laughs

When Armin Laschet meets Elon Musk, the Internet laughs

Tesla president Elon Musk and CDU consultant candidate Armin Laschet at the new Gigafactory near Berlin.

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CDU counselor candidate Armin Laschet met Tesla chief Elon Musk, and sits down with a strange question. In the meantime, Musk laughs heartily at the concerns of citizens and environmentalists.

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Whether the future of the car is that electric car Or belongs to the hydrogen car? When the candidate asked him about Federation adviser Armin Laschet, Elon Musk said, “Sure, hydrogen is a waste of time,” the Tesla chief said at a meeting of the two in Grunheide near Berlin. The American company doesn’t just want a new huge factory there Manufacture of electric cars, as well as batteries for propulsion.

Musk can’t stop laughing at the hydrogen car question and the obvious answer.

Asking an electric car pioneer if the future belongs to electric or hydrogen cars is like asking a butcher if a meat or vegetarian diet is better. And accordingly, there is a mockery of Laschet on the network.

Regardless, both Laschet and Musk didn’t seem happy when they met: When a journalist asks the head of Tesla, according to critics, that his company is drilling for water in the area, he is elated and says: “This area has a lot of water … Take a look around!”

“According to the Water Association, there is not enough water for expansion,” the journalist asked.

Musk: “That’s totally wrong. There’s water everywhere. Does it look like a desert here (laughs)? That’s ridiculous. It rains a lot (he continues to laugh).”

Lachit: (smiles)

In his question about hydrogen to Musk, Laschet referred to an earlier question from a journalist who wanted to know if he believed in electric cars after visiting the Tesla factory. He was a former CDU politician in one interview He said he doesn’t think e-cars “will be the form of mobility for the next 30 years” (the entire conversation can be seen in the video at the end of the article).

But musk also removes fat. How it interacts with the concerns of environmentalists and locals regarding water supplies causes a lack of understanding. Not least because there was a drought in Brandenburg three years ago and The groundwater level has fallen for many years.

Mit seiner Antwort hat er die Kritiker der Tesla-Fabrik auf jeden Fall nicht überzeugt: «Ein Unternehmer und ein hochrangiger Politiker, der vom Volk gewählt worden ist, machen sich lustig über die berechtergen hservigten Swiertsung Weerts He”, She said A spokesperson for the Local Citizens Initiative Against the Tesla Factory on Sunday.

Lashet Later wrote on TwitterHis “question” about hydrogen relates to trucks. Hydrogen as an engine is definitely a problem there. “When it comes to cars, one thing is clear: Electricity!” says Lachet. When Laschet spoke with Musk and reporters, he first talked about cars and only after Musk laughed about trucks.

Laschet and mask calls for faster actions

Together, Laschet and Musk called for faster approval procedures while visiting the Tesla construction site. The CDU president spoke of a change in collective labor rights. “It is not acceptable for someone who is unaffected as a local resident here, but who lives on the North Sea or the Bavarian Alps, to file a lawsuit to stop such projects. We have to change something.”

Musk said it was a problem when new regulations came in every year and got to a level where nothing could be done. Regulations should be checked regularly. Laschet emphasized that the regulations currently in place were created in the run-up to the Paris climate agreement. “But if the situation is as serious as the IPCC says, we have to speed it up.”

Elon Musk had already criticized the duration of the approval process in April. This sparked a debate about planning and environmental law in Germany the end. Tesla He wants to build about 500,000 cars a year in Grünheide. Production should start in July, but the end of the year is now in the room. Tesla is also planning to set up a battery factory, which is delaying the approval process.

So far, the company is building with early approvals at its own risk. “Everything must be dismantled,” Laschet said again without a final statement. The Tesla boss was confident that the approval process would be completed in October.

The full conversation with Misk and Lashet


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