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Whatsapp works on one time messages |  today

Whatsapp works on one time messages | today

Whatsapp users will soon be able to send messages that are automatically deleted after they are opened for the first time. “Show texts once” may be part of a future update. A similar function already exists for photos and videos.

Whatsapp is working on messages that disappear after the first read. According to the “WABetainfo” blog that specializes in Whatsapp, “view messages once”, that is, one-time messages, should be part of a future Whatsapp update. The platform shows a screenshot from the latest beta version of the messenger. Shows an “expired” chat message – the recipient can no longer view it.
There is also a small padlock next to the charging icon at the bottom of the screen. This should show that the sender is currently writing such a one-time message.
The function can be useful, for example, when sharing confidential or security-related information. According to WABetainfo, it should not be possible to take screenshots of a message before it disappears.

Other messaging services like Telegram or Signal already offer the option to automatically delete sent messages after a certain period of time. There has been a similar post for photos and videos on Whatsapp for a few months. It is currently still unclear when the messaging service will bring one-time messages to the smartphones of its more than two billion users.

By the way: In November 2022, nearly 500 million supposed user data from Whatsapp users were sold on a hacker forum. Among them are approximately 1.5 million numbers from Switzerland. Read more about this here.