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WhatsApp with split screen view: How to disable the new tablet mode

WhatsApp with split screen view: How to disable the new tablet mode


WhatsApp recently introduced a new tablet mode. This doesn’t go well with everyone. But maybe it can only be disabled by a turn.

WhatsApp is now causing a stir with its split screen display on tablets. (Source: Gromic /

  • WhatsApp introduced a new view on Android tablets in March.
  • This uses split screen mode.
  • This, if any, can only be deactivated through the system settings.

Messenger WhatsApp is no longer a pure mobile app. In the future, you should also be able to easily use the app on computers and tablets. For this purpose, the messenger has mainly revised the application. Recently a new app was released for Windows and a new mode for Android tablets is currently being tested.

This is currently only available in beta for Android devices and shows split screen. On the left you can see your chat list, on the right the currently selected chat. But not everyone likes it. “Turn off WhatsApp tablet mode” and “Disable WhatsApp split screen” are currently trending as queries on Google.

Deactivation via system settings?

If you prefer the usual view, you are in luck according to the current situation. Because in WhatsApp itself, there is no option to turn off tablet mode. However, on some Samsung tablets this should be possible via the system settings, the user reports on the forum Android Help.

You can find the corresponding options under Advanced Functions, Labs, Split App View, Disable WhatsApp. However, this may not be available on all Samsung devices. According to the thread, the option should be available on the Galaxy S7 FE, but not on the Tab A7 and Tab S6 Lite. In addition, the solution may not be permanent. According to the user, the screen reset after the update.

Restoring an older version of WhatsApp can help at least temporarily. This should be from February 2023.

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