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WhatsApp with a design change: This feature will look different in the future

WhatsApp with a design change: this feature will look different in the future

WhatsApp is constantly working on new features and designs for its messenger. In the recently released Android beta (version, developers are adapting the look of forwarded voice messages, such as WABetaInfo Discover.

The first change is about color: If memos or audio files are forwarded in Messenger, users will now see an orange icon instead of the yellow one as before. Voice messages and audio files have different icons to better distinguish them in chat.

If a forwarded voice message was created using a newer version of WhatsApp, users will now also see already known waveforms from notes that were not forwarded.

WhatsApp: More changes to forwarded voice messages

WhatsApp: This is what forwarded voice messages and audio files will look like in the future.


Also new: Even with forwarded voice messages, recipients now have the option to play them back at different speeds. This is especially useful when you receive a very long audio message and you don’t have much time to listen to it.

However, this feature is not yet available for audio files – at least for Android users. The new feature is already included in the latest iOS beta. So it can be assumed that users of the Google operating system will also receive this soon.

Modifications for forwarded voice messages are currently being distributed to early beta users. If you don’t have access to it now, you’ll probably have to wait a little longer.