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Whatsapp will end soon for these smartphones

Whatsapp will end soon for these smartphones

With very old smartphones, you may have issues with Whatsapp in the next few months.

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On November 1, Whatsapp will again increase the minimum requirements for smartphones. We’ll show the devices that will end up next.

The WhatsApp high On the 1st of November, the minimum requirements that smartphones must meet in order to continue to use the chat service. So Android devices must be running at least version 4.1 “Jelly Bean” released in June 2012. iOS 10 or later is mandatory for iPhones – but this has been in effect since March.

In relative terms, the number of affected devices is very small. In April 2020, when Google published the latest stats about Android 4.0, which is no longer supported by Whatsapp, it was running on 0.2 percent of all Android smartphones. With more than three billion Android devices in the world, millions of users are likely to be affected. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo is one of the smartphones that is no longer supported.

This time no change for iPhone

The list of smartphones circulating in connection with the increase in the minimum requirements, in which WhatsApp was supposed to not be used as of November 1, caused confusion. The most prominent examples here were the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, two smartphones that are still used relatively frequently today.

As the owner of these iPhones, you will have no problems unless you have never updated the iOS 9 pre-installed on the devices. But even the latest iOS 15 can be installed on both models. This means that WhatsApp can still be used without restrictions, just like with all other iPhones that have at least iOS 10 installed. Out of the box, there’s only the iPhone 4S and earlier – but, as we mentioned, this has been since March.