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WhatsApp voice messages will also be available as a text text soon

WhatsApp voice messages will also be available as a text text soon

Anyone who finds voice messages annoying with WhatsApp can soon bypass it. Messenger will soon be able to copy recordings on Apple devices.

The basics in brief

  • WhatsApp is currently working on a useful voice messaging feature.
  • In the current beta version, it is possible to copy messages.
  • At the moment, the function only works for Apple devices.

WhatsApp voice messages can Soon also in text form to be read. This is made possible thanks to a new feature that is supposed to automatically transcribe audio recordings. The new functionality will be displayed for the first time on the internal portal “WABetafeatures”.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Now Silently

Those who do not always have the time or desire to listen to voice messages have previously had to resort to third-party functions. Now this feature is working on WhatsApp itself – At least for Apple devices. Accordingly, the recordings do not need to be sent to any server, as they are processed locally on the device.

Anyone who agrees to the relevant licenses will then have access to the written message. The text is divided into individual syllables and can be distinguished in the same way as in a voice message. The scripts are then saved locally on the device and can be called up over and over again.

For now The feature becomes exclusive NS An appleDeveloped devices. Whether it is also a solution to AndroidThe devices at work are still unknown. It also remains hidden when and whether the job will actually be offered or not.

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