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WhatsApp users are at risk: Do not download this app - "Farida" scam expert warns

WhatsApp users are at risk: Do not download this app – “Farida” scam expert warns

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In the past, disguised malware was available for download from the Google Play Store. The new malware affects Android users who communicate via WhatsApp

Munich – When a short message becomes a security risk to your private data … an app finds its way to the Google Play Store, and its sole mission is to download malware onto the user’s cell phone. Security researcher from Checkpoint research I mentioned the “FlixOnline” app last Wednesday. Disguised as a harmless app, the app responds to incoming messages WhatsApp messages – Thus malware spreads.

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WhatsApp infected with malware – security experts surprised

Like the experts in “new, innovative” malware continues to reproduce itself Checkpoint research To note. But why should you download the application to your mobile phone? The fake app announced that it could access content from popular streaming provider Netflix all over the world. An excuse to get Android users to download malware. Particularly dark: The malware app used the official logo of the broadcast provider. In fact, the app monitors your WhatsApp user * It sends automatic replies to messages that reach the user. A “unique” scam to spread malware, like security experts at Checkpoint research Know.

With the help of a specific program, the app sends a link to a file WhatsApp message sender, Which aims to attract potential victims through the Netflix show. False reports, threats, or sensitive data are spread out loud Checkpoint research Possible through this network.

Google Play Store: The dangerous fake app has been available for two months

Like security experts on Checkpoint research Writing, the fake app was released for download in the Google Play Store for two months before it was banned. Not Google, but Checkpoint Research noted the fraudulent application. Up to this point, about 500 users have downloaded the malware application on their cell phones, notes Checkpoint research a.

If Android users download the “FlixOnline” app, technology experts recommend that you delete the app immediately. Passwords must also be changed. (dry)